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HardCoatCorrosion Inhibitor

Corrosion Inhibitors

No silicone

No chlorinated solvents

Plastic Safe


  • Safe to use on plastics and paints
  • Ready-to-use and can be applied with conventional airless or air-operated spray equipment
  • Durable, hard, translucent film
  • Resists dripping and puddling during spray application
  • Commonly used on sides and tops of aircraft fuselages
  • 1,500+ hours salt spray resistance on aluminum

Package Size

Net Contents
Part No.
10 wt.oz./284 g/396 mL
1 gal. (3.78 L)
5 gal. (18.93 L)
55 gal. (208 L)


  • Aircraft fuselages
  • Bare metal
  • Cargo sections
  • Metal parts & machinery
  • Overseas storage or shipments

Technical Downloads


  • Polar Air Cargo
  • Lockheed Martin Heavy Duty CPC 2b
  • Delta Airlines
  • Bombardier DeHavilland DHMS C4.12 Type II Grade 3
  • Bombardier (Canadair) CMS 565-06 Type I

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