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Safe-MarkFood Contact Surface Marker

Specialty MRO

NSF International

NSF Registered R1

Metal detectable plastic components


  • NSF approved permanent ink marker (registration no. 140065) for nonfood compounds category R1.
  • General purpose, quick drying permanent ink marker.
  • Marker can be used to identify storage bins, trays, dies and molds, tools, and processing equipment's.
  • Ideal to use on metal, glass, plastic, cardboard, rubber, shrink film, stretch wrap, or just about any surface.
  • Valve action mechanism prevents ink in barrel from drying when the cap is left off.
  • The marker features a threaded barrel that allows the marker cap to be screwed onto the back of the marker barrel preventing it from falling off during use.
  • The “bulk” ink version can be used as a stenciling or stamping ink for non food items.
  • Does not contain any reportable amounts of HAP’s (Hazardous Air Pollutants).
  • Does not contain any reportable amounts of Xylene.

Package Size

Net Contents
Part No.
Red Ink Marker
Green Ink Marker
White Ink Marker
Yellow Ink Marker
Orange Ink Marker
Blue Ink Marker
Black Ink Marker


  • Stretch Wrap
  • Shrink Film
  • Rubber
  • Cardboard
  • Plastic
  • Glass
  • Write on metal

Technical Downloads


  • NSF International

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