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PF-HPHigh Performance Solvent

Industrial Degreasers

No residue


No chlorinated solvents


  • No ozone depletion potential
  • Flash point above 140°F (60°C)
  • Excellent for use in part washers and dip tanks
  • Compatible with power cable and power cable components
  • Specially formulated for power utility applications
  • Heavy duty, penetrating degreaser that removes grease and oil

Package Size

Net Contents
Part No.
1 gal. (3.78 L)
5 gal. (18.93 L)
55 gal. (208 L)


  • Buckets
  • Cable Splices
  • Cable Terminations
  • Coils
  • Motors
  • Transformers
  • Truck Booms
  • Turbines

Technical Downloads


  • McDonnell Douglas CSD #1
  • Boeing D6-17487 Rev. J
  • ASTM F-945
  • ARP 1755A
  • AMS 1526B

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