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Cutting Fluids

All Metals

Tapmatic #1 Gold
Cutting Fluid

A cutting fluid that is great for all metals including aluminum.
Tapmatic AquaCut
Cutting Fluid

A water-based cutting fluid that does not contain sulfur, chlorine or chlorinated solvents.
Tapmatic Natural
Cutting Fluid

The high-performance, biodegradable, naturally organic cutting fluid.


Steel & Hard Metals

Tapmatic Dual Action Plus#1
Cutting Fluid

LPS® Tapmatic® Dual Action Plus #1 is safe for tapping, drilling, reaming, threading, or finishing on all metals except aluminium. *Available Only in Asia-Pacific through LPS® Master Distributor YK Toh
Tapmatic TriCut
Cutting Fluid

Designed to effectively lubricate severe metalworking operations.



Tapmatic Dual Action Plus #2
Cutting Fluid

A metal-cutting fluid safe for tapping, drilling, reaming, threading or finishing on aluminum.


High Efficiency

Tapmatic Edge Creme
Cutting Fluid

The biodegradable, cream formula cutting lubricant that does not contain chlorinated solvents or petroleum distillates.
Tapmatic Edge Lube
Cutting Fluid

The biodegradable, solid bar lubricant excellent for belt, wheel and disc grinding, or sawing applications.


Featured Product

Next Generation 2.0

The LPS® 2.0 generation of products is formulated for superior performance with an emphasis on the safety of the industrial user.  Each product within the line offers an alternative chemistry compared to the original LPS® product with an improved health and safety profile. Products available in the 2.0 line include:
• Instant Super Degreaser 2.0
• NoFlash® 2.0 Electro Contact Cleaner
• Electra-X 2.0 Contact Cleaner
All three products offer formulations that are n-PB free with improved performance as well as cost-advantages over the original LPS® formulations.

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