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Specialty MRO

Specialty MRO


The safe, water-based formula that prevents weld spatter from sticking to metal.
Cable Gel Solvent

A solvent agent designed for removing gels (icky-pic), blocking compounds, flooding and filling compounds from cables during splicing operations.
D'Gel FO
Fiber Optic Cable Gel Remover

A solvent agent designed for removing grease, oil and other residues from metal, power cable and fiber optic cable surfaces.
DETEX Empty Trigger Bottle

DETEX® Empty Trigger sprayer is affixed to a durable plastic bottle onto which a metal detectable label has been applied.
Food Grade Stainless Steel
Oil-Based Cleaner & Protectant

The first stainless steel cleaner which is approved for incidental food contact by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF).
Premium Leak Detector

A water-based fluid designed to generate bubbles when air or gas leaks in small amounts from pressurized lines.
QB Duster
Precision Duster

A nonflammable duster with a powerful blast for removing contaminants, dirt, dust, and other soils from delicate assemblies and electronic components.
Strong Steel Sticks
Renewal Composite

A hand-kneadable, non-rusting composite to quickly repair leaks, gaps or holes on compatible surfaces.
Fiber Optic Cable Pulling Lubricant

A water-based gel lubricant designed to provide maximum tension reduction for fiber optic cable placing applications.
Heavy-Duty Cable Pulling Lubricant

A water-based gel lubricant designed to provide maximum friction reduction for electrical utility cable pulling operations.
Hand Cleaner Towels

LPS® WorkPlace Hand Cleaner Towels powerful yet safe cleaning agents work together with an absorbent, nonscratching abrasive hand cleaning towel. The result is hands that are clean, with a pleasant fragrance.


Specialty MRO Food Safe

Belt Dressing

Prevents belt slippage on flat, round, and V-belts.
Food Contact Surface Marker

Marker designed for marking food contact surfaces used in processing, transporting, or holding food products, such as parts of machinery or equipment where meat or poultry will be in repeated or continuous contact.


Featured Product

Next Generation 2.0

The LPS® 2.0 generation of products is formulated for superior performance with an emphasis on the safety of the industrial user.  Each product within the line offers an alternative chemistry compared to the original LPS® product with an improved health and safety profile. Products available in the 2.0 line include:
• Instant Super Degreaser 2.0
• NoFlash® 2.0 Electro Contact Cleaner
• Electra-X 2.0 Contact Cleaner
All three products offer formulations that are n-PB free with improved performance as well as cost-advantages over the original LPS® formulations.

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